White-Line Fever (DVD) Jan-Michael Vincent Kay Lenz

White Line Fever is a American movie about truck drivers released in 1975. Jan-Michael Vincent plays the hero who returns from Vietnam and takes over his father's trucking business in Tucson, Arizona. He soon discovers that the shippers are corrupt and want him to smuggle illegal loads of cigarettes and slot machines. When he refuses to load such commodities they load his trailer with manure out of spite. He then punches the loaders and they fall face down in the muck.

The movie shows the struggles of the American trucker. Directed by Jonathan Kaplan, this movie shows truckers as knights of the highways struggling against big business and politics. He must haul illegal loads or he does not work at all. The movie depicts the issue of driver fatigue, overworked tired drivers trying to stay awake driving all night. The climax of the movie is when the hero crashes his truck into the giant sign of the corporation who caused him to suffer as an independent trucker. The truck is totaled, the driver goes to the hospital, and then he and his wife drive off into the sunset.

The truck used for the film is a white and blue cab-over Ford named the "blue mule". This name is painted on the truck.

Filming was in and around Tucson, AZ.

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