The New Centurions DVD George C Scott

THE NEW CENTURIONS follows a group of Los Angles police recruits that includes part-time law student Roy (Stacey Keach), Gus (Scott Wilson), and Sergio (Erik Estrada). Roy is assigned to Kilvinsky (George C. Scott), a tough veteran who has established his own set of rules for dealing with life on the streets. Gus has a rough initiation when he mistakenly shoots the victim of a robbery. Meanwhile, Roy is drawn to his new life, and begins to neglect his law studies, much to the chagrin of his wife, Dorothy (Jane Alexander). As Kilvinsky nears retirement, Roy and Dorothy's life becomes more contentious. Joseph Wambaugh had been with the LAPD for more than ten years when he wrote THE NEW CENTURIONS. In filming the novel, director Richard Fleischer follows Wambaugh's lead, focusing on the lives of patrol officers and exploring their fears, faults, and frailties. THE NEW CENTURIONS is clearly the forerunner of television police series like HILL STREET BLUES, NYPD BLUE, and Barry Levinson's masterly HOMICIDE: LIFE ON THE STREETS.

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