The Boyfriend School DVD

When Gus, a shy cartoonist, wants to change his life around and find the girl of his dreams, he calls his romance novelist sister for help. She transforms gus into Lobo - macho hunk and motorcycle rider. When he is introduced to a beautiful reporter, he falls head over heels for her, but the question is whether she is falling for Gus or Lobo?

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  1. The Boyfriend School

    Posted by Cathy Maglione last year

    I love you guys! Seriously, this is the third DVD I've bought from you and the quality is always excellent. You know I'll be back.

  2. Fantasy Romance

    Posted by anonymous last year

    Fantasy romance at its best without other worldly creatures involved. Full of love, laughter, and groans concerning awkward moments.

Showing reviews 1 - 2 of 2