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Cathryn (Susannah York) has secluded herself in a remote country home where she hopes to finish writing a children's book. It is in this country house that Cathryn will begin to feel a shift in her life. Reality begins to break down for her as the men in her life become more oppressive. A psychotic break finds Cathryn attempting to kill all these men, although some may already be dead.This early work from Robert Altman (wrongfully neglected for many years) could be seen as a film typical of its time as it shares a nonlinear kinship with similar disturbing works such as PERSONA, REPULSION, and DON'T LOOK NOW. However, the film is also a masterpiece of atmosphere, conveyed primarily through the score from John Williams and Stomu Yamashta and Vilmos Zsigmond's striking photography. Dense with symbolism and motifs, most notably mirrors, the film is one of Altman's most challenging and offers some of conductor Williams' most subtle work.

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