Endless Love (DVD) Brooke Shields

Endless Love is a 1981 American romantic drama film directed by Franco Zeffirelli, starring Brooke Shields and Martin Hewitt. The screenplay by Judith Rascoe was adapted from the novel by Scott Spencer. The original music score was composed by Jonathan Tunick.

It was the third high publicity film of Brooke Shields after Pretty Baby and The Blue Lagoon. Given the somewhat high critical opinion of Franco Zeffirelli and the source novel, the film was considered especially disappointing, although there was advance feeling that the sensibilities of Zeffirelli were a poor match for this book.

Although the film was not a success, the film's theme song by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie, also called "Endless Love", became a #1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 and was the biggest-selling single in Ross' career.

In Chicago, Jade Butterfield and David Axelrod, both teenagers, fall in love. Their consuming, passionate love becomes dangerously obsessive, especially for David. Jade's family is known in their community for a bohemian lifestyle; they even allow David to make love with Jade in her bedroom. In contrast to the openness of her family, David's home life is dull; his parents are radical political activists who ignore him. When Jade's mother goes downstairs one night, she sees Jade and David make love in her living room, and starts living vicariously. When Jade's father tries to stop them from seeing each other, David accidentally burns down the Butterfields' house. For this, he is sent to a mental hospital for the next two years and is forbidden to contact Jade ever again.

When David is released on parole, he goes to look for Jade and remains obsessed with her. In Manhattan, Jade's mother tries to seduce David, but he refuses and tells her that he can make love only with Jade. In a chance meeting, Jade's father is hit and killed by a car after running into the street to chase after David. Later, Jade goes to see David to bid her goodbyes but David doesn't let her go and Jade admits that she still loves him. The two rejoin their love together. When Keith tells David and Jade to come downstairs, he tells Jade that David is the fault for their father's death. Jade refuses to believe this, and talks to David for the truth. David tries to explain to Jade that this was an accident, but when his first words come out, Jade is so shocked that she won't listen and doesn't get a chance to hear the truth. Keith pulls David over and fights with him through the motel, and David is arrested by the police. Sent to prison, David seems doomed never to see his beloved again. Jade, though, comes to realize that no one will ever love her like David does and goes to him.

Directed by Franco Zeffirelli
Produced by Keith Barish
Dyson Lovell
Written by Judith Rascoe (screenplay)
Scott Spencer (novel)
Starring Brooke Shields
Martin Hewitt
Tom Cruise
Music by Lionel Richie
Jonathan Tunick
Cinematography David Watkin
Editing by Michael J. Sheridan
Distributed by Universal Studios
PolyGram Filmed Entertainment
Release date(s) July 17, 1981 (USA)

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